Mar 21, 2010

Sunday Picture - Chocolate Salon

On Saturday Matt and I checked out the 3rd Annual Chocolate Salon in San Francisco.  It was much bigger than I imagined with chocolate galore, and all for tasting.  We quickly learned that we had to pace ourselves, but I still had enough chocolate to last me at least a couple days.  Here are several photos from the event.  It was so fun to try everything, and see businesses small and large showing off their goods. I was truly inspired by all the creativity and wonderful tastes I got to try. 

Back tomorrow with a recipe...


Walt said...

Vegan dark chocolate??? Isn't all dark chocolate vegan??? You gotta love marketing... :)

Alison Clayshulte said...

Hi Walt, I'm guessing because they were truffles and filled those were the vegan aspects. Truthfully I didn't ask, I just ate, but its a good question. Thanks for the commentary : )