Dec 30, 2009

A little bit of cheese

Happy Holidays everyone. With New Years Eve tomorrow and my last post just before Thanksgiving I've taken a bit of a hiatus this December. This wasn't scheduled just necessary as the holiday reveling has kept Matt and I super busy and we've been traveling quite a bit. From Thanksgiving in Utah, down to Santa Barbara for my first marathon, and finally almost a week up in Oregon. Busy, busy I tells ya.

I've missed blogging, but I have been cooking and I have a bit of a back log of goodies both sweet and savory to share. I've also spent some time brainstorming ways to make b&b better and I look forward to getting started in the new year.

However today I thought I'd re-visit a previous post that wasn't quite finished. If you remember, back in August, I went to visit my brother on the farm he was interning at in the Central Valley. During our visit we made a round of blue cheese using milk fresh from the goats he was taking care of. Well I did try the cheese when it was due on October 8th, but then I kind of forgot about it for the next couple months. So yesterday I pulled the round out and tried it again.

Um, got better. Even Matt, who doesn't like blue cheese or goat cheese, was like - wow...that's pretty good. However, now I have about 10 of these little triangles of cheese. So if I see you in the next couple weeks I might bring you some.

Happy New Year!