Jun 3, 2009

watch it grow

Watching life grow from seed is an amazing experience. These bush beans were planted about a week and a half ago and came bolting out of the ground searching for sun. They are the second round of seedlings that my husband and I planted this spring.

The first round produced 48 baby plants, primarily heirloom tomatoes, along with sweet Italian basil, and two kinds of cucumbers. About half of those seedlings are planted in pots on our back deck, and the other half were given away to friends and neighbors. After nursing their growth for several weeks I could not muster sending any to the compost bin.

When I mentioned to my in-laws in March that I wanted to start a little garden I didn't realize the effect it would have on my life. They got us started, showing us how deep to plant the many kinds of lettuce, herbs, sweet peas, and a single cherry tomato plant we picked out at the local nursery.

However, this was not all completely new. I grew up gardening with my parents, many summers were spent hoeing weeds around the broccoli, and picking beans and raspberry's. Now having my own garden I find something familiar in tending to the plants and playing in the dirt. The garden has provided a tranquility that I didn't expect and a sense of community as we share its bounty with friends.

Our deck is now full of plants. Almost all the greens we eat come from the garden, and we've been enjoying the peas and herbs daily for at least a month. This weekend our first crop of strawberries were ready. YUM! There is something about fresh grown strawberries that makes their flavor jump in your mouth.

Already we are talking about fall and winter crops. And I'm thinking about starting some fruit trees from seed, avocado, olive, orange, cherry...the possibilities seem endless. I'll keep you posted.

(photography: alison clayshulte)


Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

WOW. So inspiring! Those strawberries definitely look like they taste amazing. We've just started out little foray into growing our own with mint, ginger, oregano, marjoram and spring onions. Must get onto it - have to choose plants that the possums don't like.

Alison said...

Thanks Steph. Good luck with your garden, and the possums! Ginger sounds yummy, I'll have to try it.

Nicole said...

Great site! I had no idea you were this far along on anything when we met yesterday. I am definatley going to try out that pesto / motz / tomato pizza this weekend! Just need to find some pasturized motzerella ; - ) - Nikki

david said...

Alison, You have taken your patio garden farther than anything I imagined you doing when you started. Your plantings look amazing. Keep up the good work. The only thing better than buying locally is growing your own. David

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to make the couscous spinach salad this week! Awesome site, Al!

Alison said...

Nikki - Thanks so much! The pizza is really easy, but not sure about a good source of cheese for you right now. Maybe Cowgirl Creamery has some ideas.

David - Thanks again. YES, we have fully embraced the garden! It is so rewarding and relaxing! Thanks again for helping us get it started.

Anonymous - Yea, so glad you like my new site. Let me know how the salad works out for you.