Nov 10, 2008

market abundance and finding the lay of the land

This morning my husband and I visited the Tesmescal Farmer's Market like we have every Sunday that we've been in town for the past couple months. I love this market. It is not the biggest market in town, but it is neighborly, and fun, and un-pretentious. There are booths bursting with produce and nuts, music, jam's and pickles, and a growing number of wonderful food merchants. But, more about the market another time.

Today, after much thought, I have decided the direction for this blog. I want to focus on local flavors, within 150 miles of my home in Oakland. Most of our grocery shopping already comes from this fabulous Farmer's Market, but I always supplement with items from either TJ's or Berkeley Bowl. In order to really focus my cooking, eating, and blogging on the local flavors of the area I've decided to use the market as inspiration. Each week I will head to the market and pick out what looks the best and most flavorful. I will post a picture of my food finds on the blog. My goal over the course of the week will be to make nutritious, and flavorful meals, and to supplement as little as possible from outside the 150 mile radius.

I also believe in sustainable farming / business practices and will plan to feature items, restaurants, or organizations that I think are completely supporting this practice.

While I love to cook, I also am an avid baker and will begin putting my baking experiments and recipes in an area called "bake house" on the blog. If I haven't posted my own recipe I will be sure to link to the cookbook that inspired me.

Finally, I am so fortunate to be able to buy good food that nourishes my body and excites my soul. I believe that all people here in Oakland and around the world should have access to food that is healthy and nutritious. I will dedicate this blog to also writing and posting about work going on around the world that moves towards this goal.

Tomorrow...this week's market finds and my first market meal.

(photography by: alison clayshulte)

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